A No Nonsense package

All Day Drinks Package

Sometime it is just easier to let somebody else take the strain on such an important day. This package has been created with just that in mind, a package that takes care of all the drinks options from arrival, table wine and toasting. These packages are fair and simple and priced per guest, that way everyone is catered for, this package is for 150 guests and softs drinks, water and all sundry items such as ice, garnished, ice buckets, glassware and staffing are all included.

Simple & Fair

2021/22 Pricing

  • Full Days Drink Package
  • Per Guest (based on 150 guests)

    £ 17.50
  • A simple package that takes care of arrival drinks, wine for the table and toasting. Everything is included such as glassware, staffing, garnishes, ice and all sundry items, soft drinks are all inclusive and free of charge.


    For arrival drinks you will receive;


    • 75 glasses of Pimms
    • 100 bottles of Peroni lager
    • 75 glasses of Prosecco DOC Ex Dry
    • A free soft drinks station
    • Flavoured water


    Your table wine will include;


    • 150 glasses of Malbec or Shiraz
    • 150 glasses of Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc
    • 75 glasses of Isle Negra Rosé
    • 3 jugs of iced water per table


    For toasting you will receive;


    • 150 glasses of Prosecco DOC Ex Dry