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Pornstar Martini Masterclass

The martini is a pretty sexy cocktail. It’s James Bond’s drink of choice, incredibly potent and delicious. Hell, even the glass it is served in is properly sensual.

So how do you take one of the most erotic cocktails and turn the heat up even more? You turn it into a porn star, that’s how.

Our Porn star Martini is classy, refined and just a little bit wild. And so you can get in on the action yourself, here’s how to make a Porn star Martini at home:

The ingredients

25ml SKYY Passion Fruit vodka
50ml passion fruit purée
50ml orange juice
2 spoons caster sugar
1⁄2 a passion fruit to garnish
25ml prosecco

The method

First, fill a Martini glass with crushed ice to chill and place to one side.
Next, put the caster sugar into a Boston glass and add in the passion fruit puree and orange juice.
Pour in the SKYY and REYKA VODKA , and then stir.
Fill the Boston glass with cubed ice then place the tin on and shake.
Empty your Martini glass and strain in the drink, then garnish with the passion fruit.
Serve with a shot glass of prosecco on the side. We prefer Freixenet, because of its superior taste and – quite frankly – stunning cut-glass bottle. It’s a real showstopper!

Now, here’s the age-old question…

how do you drink a porn star martini?

The answer to this is easy – it’s totally up to you! Some people sip the prosecco as a chaser, others like to pour into their cocktail to take the sweet edge off. Some even like to take it as a shot!

We like to drink ours as a chaser. The bubbles act as a cheeky palate cleanser between sips of sweet passion fruit.